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🌊 Template for building an SaaS application or admin dashboard using React + Material-UI
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React SaaS Template

Remains of a SaaS business I once tried to build. Now transformed into a template for building an SaaS/admin application using React + Material-UI.

Check out the demo

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Getting Started


Node.js 12+ (versions below could work, but are not tested)


  1. Clone the repository

    git clone
    cd react-saas-template
  2. Install dependencies, this can take a minute

    npm install
  3. Start the local server

    npm start

Your browser should now open and show the app. Otherwise open http://localhost:3000/ in your browser. Editing files will automatically refresh the page.

Build With

Things im currently working on

  • Improving the reusability of components
  • Adding a "update balance" dialog


If you are happy with the state of your website you can run:

npm run build

It will create a folder named build with your compiled project inside. After that copy its content into your webroot and you are ready to go.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details.

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