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Keeping everything up-to-date is a lot of work, so I appreciate the help! There are really only a few guidelines to keep in mind:

Formulae in this tap look a little different than those in the core Homebrew repository. The first couple lines of an Emacs formula will look like this:

require File.expand_path("../../Homebrew/emacs_formula", __FILE__)

class AcHtml < EmacsFormula

The first line loads ./Homebrew/emacs_formula.rb, which gives us access to EmacsFormula. EmacsFormula is an extension of the Formula class that lets us do things like byte-compile Emacs Lisp files during the installation.

Naming a new formula

If you’re submitting a new formula, it’s tempting to just use whatever name ELPA or MELPA uses. Unfortunately we can’t always do that. When you only have to deal with Emacs packages it’s fine to name your Emacs DocBook viewer “docbook,” but the formula in this tap have to co-exist with the rest of the Homebrew formula and we have the real DocBook in the core repository. So here’s the pattern used in this tap:

  • If the package is primarily for a major or minor mode, suffix the name with -mode.

  • If the package has a distinctive name and doesn’t conflict with formula in core repository or official taps, the original name can be used.

  • Otherwise, suffix the name with -emacs.

Some packages are options of other packages

One of the biggest advantages of using Homebrew instead of package.el and MELPA is customizability. It’s very easy with Homebrew to switch between stable, development, and HEAD builds of a package, and to build with or without certain options. For that reason, some packages which are distributed separately in MELPA do not have their own formulae in this tap. markdown-mode+ and markdown-toc, for example, can both by installed by passing options to brew install markdown-mode:

brew install markdown-mode --with-plus # installs markdown-mode and
                                       # the markdown-mode+ extension
brew install markdown-mode --with-toc # installs markdown-mode and
                                      # markdown-toc

If you’re adding a package that improves or augments an existing formula, consider adding it as an option to that existing formula.