Ansible playbook for setting up a WordPress site with SSL/TLS
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Ansible playbook for WordPress

This is a playbook for setting up a stock WordPress installation with SSL/TLS support thanks to Let’s Encrypt.

This playbook was written for CentOS VMs from DigitalOcean, so some modification may be necessary for use elsewhere.

Basic use

  1. Create a CentOS virtual server (untested on other OSs) on DigitalOcean or the provider of your choice (note that it’s assumed you can SSH in as root initially).

  2. Edit inventory and set ansible_ssh_host to the hostname of the server. If you want a TLS certificate generated, this needs to be a domain name rather than an IP address.

  3. Download the extra roles with ansible-galaxy install --roles-path roles -r roles/requirements.yml.

  4. Run ansible-playbook main.yml -i inventory.

  5. If you choose not to create a TLS certificate for the server, you can add one later with ansible-playbook tls.yml -i inventory.


  • Ansible or higher with passlib (brew install ansible will meet this requirement).


  • A script will be installed at /usr/local/bin/wp_url on the server; this script lets you update the hostname in the WordPress database. Usage:


    It will prompt you for the password to the WordPress database.

  • You can download the WordPress database for backing up or migrating it by running ansible-playbook download_db.yml -i inventory.