Using SipML5 from Java with GWT
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GWT SIPML5 Package

GWT SIPML5 allows Java to access the JavaScript SipML library from using GWT (Google Web Toolkit). The package consists of a library (gwt-sipml5, originally from it.netgrid, but adapted to work with the demo) and a demo webapp that uses the library.

The demo is a reimplementation in Java of the sipml5 live demo from SipMl5 using GWT (Google Web Toolkit).

Try the "Live Demo" on app engine.

Release sipml5 1.3.203 from SipMl5 Downloads is included.


Build Status

Building the library and the demo

Clone this repository

$ git clone

Run maven

$ mvn

then startup the resulting jar using the script in the gwt-sipml5-demo directory, or use the war in a webapp container:

$ ./

( uses the war-bootstrap.jar from mckamey, which you need to separately clone and create)

goto the following url in a WebRTC supported browser:


get a sip account GetOnSip and set the authentication details in the panel and make a call.

Mark Donszelmann e-mail