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+* The drawing backend was moved from Xlib to Cairo/Pango.
+ This change requires some user intervention since Pango
+ uses different font strings. For example "Monospace-12"
+ becoms "Monospace 12". Font sizes might also get interpreted
+ differently.
+* Markup
+ Markup within the notification can be interpreted by pango.
+ Examples are <i>italic</i> and <b>bold</b>. If the Markup
+ can't be parsed by pango, the tags are stripped from the
+ notification and the text is displayed as plain text. An error
+ message gets printed to stdout describing why the markup could
+ not be parsed.
+ To make use of markup the option allow_markup must be set in dunstrc.
+ If this option is not set, dunst falls back to the old behaviour
+ (stripping all tags from the text and display plain text).
+* Actions are now supported.
+ If a client adds an action to a notification this gets indicated
+ by an (A) infront of the notification. In this case the
+ context menu shortcut can be used to invoke this action.
+* Indicator for URLs.
+ If dunst detects an URL within the notification this gets indicated
+ by an (U) infront of the notification. As with actions the URL can
+ be opened with the context menu shortcut. (This requires the browser
+ option to be set in the dunstrc).
+* dunstify ( a drop-in replacement for notify-send)
+ Since notify-send lacks some features I need to for testing, I've
+ written dunstify. It supports the same option as notify-send + The
+ abillity to print the id of the notification to stdout and to replace
+ or close existing notifications.
+ example:
+ id=$(dunstify -p "Replace" "this should get replaced after the sleep")
+ sleep 5
+ dunstify -r $id "replacement"
+ see dunstify --help for additional info.
+ Since dunstify depends on non-public parts of libnotify it may break
+ on every other libnotify version than that version that I use.
+ Because of this it does not get build and installed by default.
+ It can be build with "make dunstify". An installation target does
+ not exist.
+ Please don't open bug reports when dunstify doesn't work with your
+ version of libnotify

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