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Duo Labs

Duo Labs is the security research team at Duo Security.

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  1. cloudmapper cloudmapper Public

    CloudMapper helps you analyze your Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments.

    JavaScript 5.9k 795

  2. webauthn webauthn Public archive

    WebAuthn (FIDO2) server library written in Go

    Go 1k 161

  3. parliament parliament Public

    AWS IAM linting library

    Python 995 95

  4. cloudtracker cloudtracker Public

    CloudTracker helps you find over-privileged IAM users and roles by comparing CloudTrail logs with current IAM policies.

    Python 876 108

  5. py_webauthn py_webauthn Public

    Pythonic WebAuthn

    Python 814 159

  6. Public

    The source code for, a demonstration of WebAuthn.

    Python 632 116


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