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Sea Cucumber Change Log
* Correct an old import that relied on an outdated reference
in boto.__init__ (lijoantony)
* BIC: We now require boto 2.8.0 or later. Earlier versions *may* work,
but we will make no attempt to support them. (gtaylor)
* Don't auto retry for clearly mal-formed addresses. (gtaylor)
* Use validate_email instead of deprecated email_re. (joshuakarjala)
* Add dkim signing support. (benburry)
* Add a custom SES AWS credential setting. (dmitry-mukhin)
* Correctly decode email bodies as UTF-8 before handing message off to
the SendEmailTask that sends via boto. Fixes issues with UTF characters in
email bodies resulting in errors.
* Minimum supported boto version is now 2.3 so we can make use of the more
fine-grained SES exceptions.
* Take advantage of new SES exceptions in boto to prevent the re-trying of
bounced or invalid email addresses.
* Assume default of 0 for current/prev day stats when no mails have been sent.
* Remove some code that didn't work for boto 2.1.
* Added support for rate limiting outbound emails per second, to make sure we're
following SES's max email rate enforcement.
* Added the ses_usage management command. Shows usage and quota details.
* Fixed minor packaging issue.
* Small code re-org for the sake of organization.
* Initial release.