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Command Line Interface


Usage: duo [options] command|[file, ...]


  -h, --help                     output usage information
  -V, --version                  output the version number
  -c, --copy                     opt to copy files instead of symlink
  -C, --no-cache                 enable or disable the cache during build
  -d, --development              include development dependencies.
  -g, --global <name>            expose entry as a global <name>
  -o, --output <dir>             set the output directory, defaulted to build/
  -q, --quiet                    only print to stderr when there is an error
  -r, --root <dir>               root directory to build from.
  -t, --type <type>              set the entry type
  -u, --use <plugin>             use transform plugin
  -v, --verbose                  show as much logs as possible
  -w, --watch                    watch for changes and rebuild
  -s, --standalone <standalone>  outputs standalone javascript umd <standalone>
  -S, --stdout                   outputs build to stdout


# build in.js to out.js
$ duo --stdout in.js > out.js

# build in.css to out.css
$ duo --stdout in.css > out.css

# build all files to duo.assets() (default: build/)
$ duo *.{js,css}

# build all files to the out/ folder
$ duo *.{js,css} out

# build from stdin and output out.css
$ duo < in.css > out.css

# build using a plugin
$ npm install duo-whitespace
$ duo --use duo-whitespace --stdout in.styl > out.css


install      install dependencies for a file.
ls           list all dependencies.
duplicates   show all duplicates.

Using with Node 0.10

Internally, duo uses generators for control flow. With node 0.11 and 0.12, the necessary --harmony-generators flag is added dynamically. (with iojs, the flag is not needed at all)

In the past, we have used gnode to support both node 0.10 and 0.11. However, with node 0.12 and iojs, not to mention weird edge-cases and bugs in gnode/regenerator, it made sense to remove this hard dependency from duo core.

If you are still using node 0.10, you can still use duo! There are a lot of great ES6/generator transpilation libraries that include their own CLI wrapper for node. (see gnode and babel for examples)

# uses gnode to execute duo's executable
$ gnode ./node_modules/.bin/duo index.js

# uses babel to do the same
$ babel-node ./node_modules/.bin/duo index.js

In this particular setup, it's far easier to just install duo locally, instead of globally. (but you can still do the same thing, you'll just need to find out what path the duo bin was installed to)