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A chatbot for rescuing you from uncomfortable silences.
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Duologue Bot

Getting Started


nvm install 7
nvm alias default 7
git clone
cd duologue-bot
npm i -g yarn nodemon now
yarn install

Running it locally

In tab 1:

cd duologue-bot
npm run dev

In tab 2:

cd duologue-bot
ngrok http --hostname --region eu 8572

Deploying Live

We deploy this to Zeit, you need to be part of the Duologue team to do this:

First up:

npm i -g now
now switch duologue

From within the project (once you confirm your changes all work locally):

now alias


In facebook

Go here:

Edit subscription. Paste in your ngrok url base.

Using the bot

To test, go here:

Talk to it :)

Live bot lives here:

Adjusting your state machine

state-definition is the events that point each state to each other. Each event needs an event, a from and a to. Your state-messages hold the definitions for each state.

So from a user's point of view interacting with the bot, typing, "Help, I don't understand what this is!" will cause the action help in state-definitions, leading to the state showHelp in state-messages.

There are two types of messages, quickReplies which have buttons that take a user to another state, and longer conversational text which users give free-text responses to. The bot 'listens' to the free-text responses for specific keywords, which send the user to the right state.

Caitlin Notes of useful stuff

Facebook Messenger tutorial stuff

Send stuff to the messenger api:

Conversation Interaction Design

Repairing broken conversations:

utf 8 emoji

Copy from this dictionary of awesomeness:

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