A jquery plug-in to lay out elements around a circle
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Extremes - a jQuery plug-in to put lists around a circle

1. Why?

When ordering lists you will often find that topics come to a full circle; the first item is very similar to the last one. In these cases a better visual representation would be ordering them around a circle, instead top to bottom.

I'm aware this is extremely limited in scope, but have you ever tried doing it in a drawing program? I'd rather stick my head in the oven and go full throttle on the gas.

2. How?

<script src="jquery.js"></script>
<script src="extremes.js"></script>

Just give me the defaults


Let me configure to my liking

	diameter: 200

3. Browser support

Should work in modern browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer 9).

4. History

Version 0.1 - Initial release