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This is the website that drives techplaya.com. It's a showcase of people who work in dev/design/biz in Playa del Carmen. You might want to use it as a starting point for a showcase of your own community. Behind the scenes it uses D3, a really awesome javascript library for manipulating documents based on data.

MIT License


Playa del Carmen is a small city along the Mexican Caribbean. It is a popular tourist destination and it hosts a small tech community. We would like to connect with other like-minded individuals who visit the area.


If you wish to customize techplaya for your own community you should modify these files:

  • src/index.html Currently all information is hardcoded in HTML, you should modify this
  • src/js/destinations.js Cities and airlines with direct flights
  • src/js/flights.js var location = [lat, long]
  • src/js/satellite.js displays the header map. Fiddle around with the projection to get the area of the world that you need.
  • src/js/satellite.js specify the montly weather in Celsius.


make release will concatenate your JS and CSS and put it into the release directory. It will also modify your index.html to point to the minified files. You should deploy the files from this directory.

make clean will delete the release directory.


  • Put under a better build process such as middleman
  • Create fallbacks for browsers that don't support SVG