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mep-feature-playlist - A playlist plugin for MediaElement.js

[Demo] (http://andrewberezovsky.ru/demo/backgroundaudio7/)


1 - Download [MediaElement.js] (http://mediaelementjs.com/)

2 - Download [mep-feature-playlist] (https://github.com/duozersk/mep-feature-playlist/archive/master.zip)

3 - Include

  • mediaelement-and-player.js
  • mediaelementplayer.min.css
  • mep-feature-playlist.js
  • mep-feature-playlist.css

4 - Add this code to your page:

        loop: true,
        shuffle: true,
        playlist: true,
        audioHeight: 30,
        playlistposition: 'bottom',
        features: ['playlistfeature', 'prevtrack', 'playpause', 'nexttrack', 'loop', 'shuffle', 'playlist', 'current', 'progress', 'duration', 'volume'],


  • loop - loop through the playlist; defaults to 'false'
  • shuffle - shuffle playlist; defaults to 'false'
  • playlist - controls either to show playlist by default or not; defaults to 'false'
  • playlistposition - can be either 'top' or 'bottom' to show playlist on top of the player or under it; defaults to 'top'


  • playlistfeature - general feature to enable playlist functionality; it just builds the internal playlist layer, it should be present if you want to use playlist
  • prevtrack - button to play the previous track in the playlist
  • nexttrack - button to play the next track in the playlist
  • loop - toggle to turn repeat on or off
  • shuffle - toggle to turn shuffle on or off
  • playlist - playlist button to show/hide playlist

5 - Add the audio tag and your tracks:

<audio controls="controls" autoplay="autoplay">
    <source src="media/AirReview-Landmarks-02-ChasingCorporate.mp3" title="Chasing Corporate" type="audio/mpeg"/>
    <source src="media/framing.mp3" title="Framing" type="audio/mpeg"/>

It will use title attribute as track name, falls back to file name if no title is specified.


Playlist Collapsed

MediaElement.js Collapsed playlist

Playlist Expanded

MediaElement.js Expanded playlist

  • Yellow - playing track
  • Green - track to play on click

More options and installation instructions related to MediaElement.js can be found [here] (http://mediaelementjs.com/#installation).