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Fencing referee score and timing app for iOS.

The app attempts to provide the referee full access to the basic functionalty of bout management without various shortcomings that all other apps present, while providing aid and cues otherwise found on more advanced scoring machines. The app presents a UI where important functionality are easily accessible, and the chance of mis-hits are minimized or eliminated.

The features of the app includes:

  • Large score areas with tap interaction: one tap to increase score, double-tap to decrease. Button is also provided to score double touches.
  • Large, easily-seen timer that starts with one tap, and can be edited with a long tap.
  • When the timer is running, UI is noticably changed and whole screen can be tapped to stop the timer.
  • Card tracking with automatic point addition with each red card.
  • Built-in support, with score and period aids, for a variety of bout types including:
    • 5-touch pool
    • 15-touch DE
    • 10-touch DE
    • FIE team relay
  • Quick buttons for period break and medical timeout timers.