Play baseball without a ball. Entry for SAGDC 2015 game jam.
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Sandlot Basenoball

Entry to the SA GameDev Challege X game jam. Placed in the final-round top 12, won side-prize for "Best Use of Cats".

Major versions of the game are pushed to play at Repo can be downloaded to play locally.

####Immediate Tasks Game was submitted with code in "just make it work" quality. I am beginning a refactoring to improve the codebase, to be followed by changes to the game.

Rough roadmap for the refactoring is as follows:

Encounters Each type of encounter between a fielder and a batter/runner (batter vs pitcher, catching fielder vs batter, etc) is run by an Encounter object that:

  • Contains the logic for the type of encounter
  • Manages the UI for the counter

AI State Machine The different behaviors of characters in the field of play bundled up into a state machine, rather than hardcoded into Player class. See issue for break down of AI behaviors.

####Game Improvements Once the refactoring is complete, work will begin on iterating over the game design, with a mind to releasing it.

  • Revamp the way calculations are performed
  • Improve the way calculations are presented to the player
  • Add opponent AI
  • Decide to continue development for the web, or port for a mobile release