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@kenkendk kenkendk released this Aug 30, 2018 · 1428 commits to master since this release

Changes in this version:

  • Updated the help text for no certificates found, thanks @jonmikeiv
  • Fixed logging details, thanks @mnaiman
  • Fixed error messages on repair, thanks @mnaiman
  • Refactored the FTP backend, thanks @verhoek
  • Rewrote the lock on database queries to be simpler and less CPU intensive
  • Removed some logging details in core performance areas (can be re-enabled with --profile-all-database-queries)
  • Removed automatic attempts to rebuild dblock files as it is slow and rarely finds all the missing pieces (can be enabled with --rebuild-missing-dblock-files).
  • Fixed the version number on MacOS builds
  • Updated the signing certificate for executables and Windows installers
  • Added a hostname check for the webserver
  • Fixed an issue where the number of remaining files would be negative
  • Updated localization files
  • Now emits a warning if the option is missing a suffix on sizes (b, kb, mb, gb, tb)
  • Added partially translated Romanian, Swedish, Thai, Hungarian, Slovakian, Catalan, Japanese, Bengali, and Korean to langauges
  • Fixed a number of issues with --check-filetime-only
  • Removed the --store-metadata option
  • Rewrote the query that fetches the previous information for a file or folder. Set the environment variable TEST_QUERY_VERSION=1 to revert to the old version for speed comparison, or TEST_QUERY_VERSION=2 for an alternate version.
  • Improved UI status messages, thanks @lucascosti
  • Failing to add a file will now give a warning instead of stopping the backup
  • Removed a hot-item cache for VSS
  • Added option --disable-filelist-consistency-checks to allow speeding up large backups
  • Now ignoring ENODATA error message when reading metadata on Linux/BSD
  • Added additional support for exit codes in --run-script-before to allow stopping the backup or emitting a warning
  • Fixed an issue with Google Cloud Storage, thanks @warwickmm
  • Improved the B2 username field description, thanks @xfakt-pj
  • Removed some unused code, thanks @warwickmm
  • Improved source code documentation, thanks @mikaelmello
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