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Changes in this version:
This beta release is a collection of additions and improvements from many contributors.
Since it is released more than a year after the last beta, there is a large number of changes.

Important notes:

  • On Linux, macOS, and other systems that require Mono, this version requires Mono v5 or later.

  • On macOS please remove the current beta and install this version, instead of using the updater. Doing so, will make Duplicati compatible with Gatekeeper and allow you to grant permissions.

A big thanks to all Duplicati contributors, supporters, fans and users for keeping the project evolving and improving.

Note that the beta v2.0.4.23 has database version 8 and this release has database version 10. This means that your local database will be upgraded once you run this version, and you cannot roll back without some manual intervention.

Here is a short list of some of the more notable changes:

  • Numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements.
  • Updated translations, new languages added.
  • Improved support for macOS Catalina
  • Add support for minio backend.
  • Improve tray icon to reflect warning state.
  • Fix long path issue when path has 259 or 260 characters.
  • Remove support for Amazon Cloud Drive.
  • Fix input issues with dark theme.
  • Fix bug in handling filter expressions.
  • Fix purge operation with simple filters and case-sensitive filesystems.
  • Fix ignoring of --tempdir option when using the command-line.
  • Improved list of S3 compatible options and providers.
  • Fix ability to stop backup after current file has finished processing.
  • Updates to support libraries
  • Improve logging during database recreation.
  • Add option to skip vacuum operations within specified duration, --auto-vacuum-interval.
  • Add option to skip compact operations within specified duration, --auto-compact-interval.
  • Fix backup corruption from upload throttling. #3787
  • Fix for “Unexpected difference in fileset”. #3800
  • Fix for “CheckingErrorsForIssue1400” and “FoundIssue1400Error”. #3868
  • Fix for “FTP (Alternative)” upload verification.
  • Server database version is still 6. Backup database rose to 10. This may impede downgrades.