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E mail Notifications

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Duplicati can send email notifications after each operation. These can be either entered under the settings to apply to all Duplicati profiles, or under an individual profile under Option 5 | Advanced Options section.


Use the send-mail command to test this:

%MONO%"%APP_PATH%" send-mail --send-mail-to=<email-address>

Commandline options


Send an email to after a backup. Valid formats are "Name, Other,". Multiple addresses must be separated with a comma.


This is the sender address of the email that is sent.


This is the subject line of the email that is sent. E.g. this can be "Duplicati %OPERATIONNAME% Report"


The content of the email message. This should contain "%RESULT%".


A URL to connect to an SMTP server to send out an email. Example: "tls://", "smtps://" or "smtp://"


Required username to authenticate with SMTP server.


Required password to authenticate with SMTP server.


When email messages are sent: "Success", "Warning", "Error", "Fatal", "All" are possible.


Also send emails after other operations like restore etc.

Allowed placeholders (variables) are:


The parsed result op the operation: Success, Warning, Error


When used in the body, this is the result/log of the backup, When used in the subject line, this is the same as %PARSEDRESULT%


The name of the operation, usually "backup", but could also be "restore" etc.


The backend url


The path to the local folders involved (i.e. the folders being backed up)


Backup Name of the profile

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