@duracelltomi duracelltomi released this Mar 18, 2018 · 176 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • Fixed: weather data tracking codes could result in fatal PHP error
  • Fixed: cart events did to fire while user pressed the Enter key in quantity fields
  • Fixed: contact form 7 changed some code which prevented successful form submission tracking
  • Changed: links to plugin website updated
  • Changed: gtm4wp.cf7formid data layer variable now includes the ID of the form in WordPress
  • Added: gtm4wp.cf7inputs includes data that has been filled in the form
  • Added: WooCommerce compatibility headers
  • Added: admin warning for WooCommerce 2.x users. This plugin will drop support for WooCommerce 2.x soon
  • Added: postFormat data layer variable on singular pages
  • Added: customer* data layer variables with stored billing and shipping data, total number of orders and total value of those orders (needs WooCommerce 3.x)
  • Added: geo* data layer variables to get country, city, lat-lon coordinates of the visitor
  • Added: visitorUsername data layer variable with the username of the logged in user
  • Added: more detailed checkout reporting for WooCommerce sites
    • Add gtm4wp.checkoutStepEEC to your Ecommerce Helper trigger
    • Change a typo: gtm4wp.checkoutOptionECC => gtm4wp.checkoutOptionEEC
  • Added: option to include full product category path in enhanced ecommerce reporting (can cause performance issues on large sites!)
  • Added: initial support for Google Tag Manager Environments
  • Added: support for WooCommerce Quick View plugin
  • Updated: description of code placement options to clarify what this option does
  • Updated: cleanup of readme.txt, spelling and grammar improvements
  • Updated: bundled WhichBrowser lib v2.0.32