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Important information

This repository and tool is deprecated and I don't advice you to use it. Instead try devist which is a fork of this tool and creates a much reusable changelog. Spread the news, Devist is also open source and written in Ruby, available here.

If you really want to use Vicilog, everything is left at stable version. Just follow the documentation.


Vicilog is a small tool that recreate a release notes built on Github idea. It offers a really easy-to-use command-line interface, and based on your input Vicilog can be used as professional realase system (or that is what Vicilog is heading to). The best news? It is open-source based on GNU General Public License V2.0.

Official page
Demo available

Creditzz: @Ox0dea from #ruby @ freenode

Vicilog CLI

    vicilog --help      | usage instruction
    vicilog --new       | new project
    vicilog --new         project name
    vicilog --comp      | compile project
    vicilog --comp        project name
    vicilog --abt       | show about
    vicilog --tag       | list all tags
    vicilog --v         | show version info


Ruby (with json)
Nix more


cd ~
git clone

Optionally, you may create a symbolic link in /usr/local/bin.


new comp

Result example


Release notes (powered by Vicilog)

To-do process

Support, Bugs, And Feature Requests

Create issues here in GitHub (

License & Legal

Coded by deviltux. Licensed under the GNU General Public v2 license.

Contribution welcome! :-)