A fuzzer written in Ruby to act as an virtual attack tool against vircar.
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This is a simple script (fuzzer) used as an example of hacking a car and vehicle CAN bus protocol. You may want to read more about it on my blog here and here. Please note that this script goes along with a virtual car written in C, which you can check on Github too and it's located @ vircar


  • Ruby 2.2.3
  • nothing else

cool, right?


This is a special fuzzing technique used to pwn and mod ECUs of a computer. Use this script only, and only on vircar (virtual car) and not on your real car. The fuzzing may break and crash your engine or computer car system.


To generate a random 4 chars long operations (DATA) that will be sent as frame use g argument.

$ ruby vircar-fuzzer.rb g

To fuzz the vircar system run the script without any arguments.

$ ruby vircar-fuzzer.rb

Make sure that vircar is up and running and virtual CAN bus is open.

more information?

If you are looking for more information, read the blog post above and read the script.
You can contact me on twitter or send issue request to this repository if something is not working right.