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Webamp on desktop

Just like the original, now on your Mac, Windows or a Linux!

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Unofficial app. It has most of the functionality of the original Winamp, but it's still more of a proof of concept. Based on the Webamp - "A reimplementation of Winamp 2.9 in HTML5 and JavaScript." by the @captbaritone. Linux support via AppImage and .deb package tested on the Ubuntu 18.04.


Head over to the for the latest download files for your platform.

Ideas for the future

Higher priority

Lower priority

  • Support for multiple displays
  • Automatic updates (prepared, notifications already done)
  • Support file associations

Nice to have / Experiments

  • Features that can't be in the web version (by extending the API)
  • Try to integrate Spotify (inspiration from winampify-js?), milkdrop can be integrated using microphone (?) due to problems with the DRM

Known issues

Installation files are not trusted

Some operating systems, especially Windows or some browsers do not trust the installation files because they are not digitally signed and/or commonly used yet. Unfortunately, code signing certificates that would help us overcome this cost hundreds of euro per year. This project does not have any funding and therefore can't afford it. It's recommended to verify the checksum of the files if you are worried. Every commit (and therefore published checksum) is signed in this repository.

Poor performance on Linux

Caused by the disabled hardware acceleration on the Linux. The reason is issues with the transparency on the Chromium project.



Make sure you have latest node.js and yarn.


Clone this repository, install dependencies and run the start script:

git clone
cd webamp-desktop
yarn install
yarn start

After the build has completed, you should see one window with the app and one with developer tools. To try some changes, you can: change the code in the ./src dir, close the current window and run the yarn start again.


This project is possible thanks to the Webamp from @captbaritone and wonderful open source work of others like @jberg and authors of many dependencies.

Thumbar icons on Windows by Smashicons.


Not affiliated with the Winamp. All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners.


Experimental cross-platform (Win, Mac, Linux) desktop version of Winamp 2.9 reimplementation - Webamp








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