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Archive of IRC logs for DuraSpace projects (2009-2018)

These logs were captured from the #duraspace channel in, starting in 2009 (just after the formation of DuraSpace) and continuing until 2018. They capture historical discussions and meetings of DSpace and Fedora developer communities during these years.

Logging of the #duraspace channel ended in mid-2018 (when the aging logging bot was blocked from freenode and then shut down). While some discussions still occur on IRC, the majority of DuraSpace community discussions have moved to Zoom or Slack.

To find the DSpace or Fedora developers discussions now, visit


  • Any code/scripts contained in this repository are Apache 2.0 licensed. See LICENSE.
  • The IRC discussion logs themselves are licensed under CC BY (Attribution) license, similar to all DuraSpace community content generated on the DuraSpace Wiki.


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