Simple 'application' to see what projects a github user has contributed to that are not their own
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Not My Idea

Not My Idea is a micro 'application' that finds all the projects a given user has contributed to that were not their own.


A developer's github profile can tell you a lot about the things they are interested in and what their capable of. However, I think another good bit of information to know about a developer is how willing they are to contribute to projects/ideas that are not their own.

You can also see how involved in a community and a rough idea of what other developers think about each other by seeing how many other projects a developer's code is accepted to.


This application can be installed simply by installing the requirements designated in the requirements.txt file.

- git clone
- pip install -r requirements.txt


  1. Command line

    • python -h
    • python -u
  2. Web

    • python
    • Browse to
  3. Host (heroku)