API for Flying Saucer Houston


This is a small python module that implements a class, Saucer, that can be used to retrieve the current beers available at the Flying Saucer Houston location.

Required packages:

- Python 2.5
- Simplejson 2.0.9

Nice to have packages:

- Pylint 0.19.0

This project uses the pylint python package for code analysis and to ensure the code follows certain standards. View the standards.rc file for more information on coding standards for this project (mostly the default pylint settings).

You can analyze the source for yourself using pylint by doing the following: - Install pylint 0.19.0 (read pylint docs for more info) - Specify the standards.rc file with the --rcfile option to pylint or if you are on a UNIX box put rename the included standards.rc file to ~/.pylintrc (make sure you don't already have one first!)