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App Engine Application to assist Twitter users in perfecting their tweet stream
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Simple Google AppEngine application to help twitter users rate recent tweets from the people they follow.

Live prototype: be aware that I don't claim this link will always point to a functional version of the code ;)

Please see TODO file for things to help contribute to, or you can always take a bug from the open issues.

Contribution Requirements

I would love to take a look at any pull requests anyone would like to make. I have only one request, please verify that your code (if it's Python) that it adheres to the PEP8 standards.

I will not accept any pull requests if they don't follow this standard. For this reason, I advice you to use the excellent PEP8 script from jcrocholl.


What I hope to solve and ideas on how. Feel free to fork away and do something completely different, but send me a pull request or message so I can see what awesome ideas everyone has!


Difficult to gain insight into which of your followers add value to your stream.


Allow users to view individual tweets from their followers and vote on them.

Detailed mission statement

When going through the stream there is a lot of noise once your start following a number of users. This creates a tendency to subconsciously skip over tweets form certain users since they rarely add any value to your daily life. Tweets are really short and skipping over something isn't hard or terribly time consuming, but wouldn't it be better to follow less people and better content?

Maybe you should spend a little bit of time each week culling over who you follow and cutting the fat. This is really no different than getting to inbox zero or deleting rss feeds. The point of this service is to provide twitter users with a place to rate and review the content their follow choices.

Over time users can see that they don't seem to ever find any value in a particular user or very little value relative to the rest of their stream. The service can then begin to suggest who you should consider unfollowing.

Requirements for MVP

Please see TODO file for a list of the remaining/unimplemented requirements for the MVP.

Interface Ideas

Show 10 tweets from 10 different users that person follows each with a thumbs up or down. Let user submit that and then ask if they want 10 more to vote on. Don't make judgement on who to follow until a user has been voted on a min of 5 times total.

Future Ideas

Crowd source data from other users so that you get a more accurate picture of a person anymore data without a single person from having to vote a billion times.

Debugging/Testing tools

Please see the README file for any provided testing/debugging tools, etc.

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