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Simple django-powered website for my wedding.
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…ake care of this. Fix essentially prevents 2 opening p tags at the start of every page body, which doesn't validate with 4.01 strict


A simple little django-powered website for my upcoming wedding.  This mainly serves as a
little tutorial and learning project for django.  I come from php and a bit of ruby on rails
so need an easy project to pick up the basics.

The project is slated to support the following at a minimum:

- Guests can rsvp to wedding
- Show maps to wedding/reception sites
- Blog about wedding news/planning
- Allow comments from non-registered users on blog posts
- Allow back-end updating of the majority of the pages instead of static HTML
- Send e-mail to specified account when rsvp is received

- Currently working admin site with django rev. 9964 of the 1.0.x branch

- Fix validation errors on rsvp/contact form
- Make 'editing' previous rsvp a bit more obvious
- Something to send out e-mails when something changes
- RSS feed
- Get date/time/location for rsvp e-mail
- Add views with no logic to use redirect_to generic view
- Cleanup map
   - Add a link for bigger map at the bottom
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