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Puppet module for common tasks
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Common Module

The common module installs various functions that are required by other
modules. This module should be installed before any of the other module.

! Upgrade Notice !

The 'append_if_no_such_line' define has been replaced with the 'line' define. If
you are using 'append_if_no_such_line' anywhere in your manifests, you will need
to transition to 'line' before upgrading to this version of the common
module. The 'line' define is a drop-in replacement and essentially equivalent,
so the transition is quite easy, you should only simply need to change the name
in your manifests.

To use this module, follow these directions:

1. Your modules directory will need all the files included in this
   repository placed under a directory called "common"

2. Add the following line to manifests/site.pp:
       import "modules.pp"

3. Add the following line to manifests/modules.pp:

       import "common"

Original author: David Schmitt (
Copyright:: Copyright (c) 2007-2009 OG
License::   3-clause BSD

Additional authors:
Copyright (C) 2007 David Schmitt <>
Copyright 2008-2011, admin(at)
Copyright 2008, Puzzle ITC GmbH
 Marcel Härry haerry+puppet(at)
 Simon Josi josi+puppet(at)
Copyright 2009-2011, Riseup Labs <>
 Pietro Ferrari <>
 Micah Anderson <>
Copyright (C) 2007 Antoine Beaupre <>
Copyright (c) 2011 intrigeri - intrigeri(at)
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