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Virtualisation technologies have to be taken into account when configuring
systems to enable optimal performance and minimal resource consumption. This
module enables detection of virtualisation technologies and brings along
classes to react to specific implementations.

See http://reductivelabs.com/trac/puppet/wiki/VirtualRecipe for details about
this module.

Technology detection

The "virtual" fact can take these values:

	* physical: no virtualisation technologies
	* vmware: a VMware guest
	* vmware_server: a VMware host
	* xen0: dom0, the priviledged XEN Management Domain
	* xenu: domU, a XEN guest


The Linux-VServer project maintains a lightweight isolation container as patch
to current Linux kernels at http://www.linux-vserver.org/ .

The vserver fact can detect vserver "host" and "guest" status. 

This module provides classes and defines for managing vserver guests in vserver.pp


For details see http://www.xensource.org/

Beyond detection, this module currently only brings along the class
munin::plugins::xen to install the xen_mem and xen_vm munin plugins.

VServer Types

On all vserver hosts, the class vserver::host should be installed. This brings
along the infrastructure and files for the guest configuration types.


Split xen and vserver specific functionality into separate modules?

Add XEN guest configuration and initialisation.

Detect XEN HVM container for fact::virtual.

Collect various VServer and XEN bits from dbp and integrate here.