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ProteinVR 1.0.7

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@jacobdurrant jacobdurrant released this 03 Jul 18:57

ProteinVR 1.0.7 includes many improvements. Some highlights include:

  • Added QRCodes to the "Load and Save" and "Leader" popups to make sharing scenes easier.
  • Now possible to export ProteinVR scene as 3D models for use in third-party programs such as Blender (gltf, glb, obj, stl, and vrml formats supported).
  • Added message to indicate when no VR headset detected.
  • Numeric menu items are now sorted numerically.
  • Added three new protein representations: trace, ribbon, and tubes.
  • Added three new color schemes: B factor, atom index, and secondary structure.
  • Added three new colors: pink, iceblue, and lime.
  • Added "Simple" environment. It is now the default.
  • Added support for additional VR controllers (e.g., Oculus Quest 2).
  • Improved PVR support. Now possible to include PVR file in URL.
  • ProteinVR now pauses itself when it does not have the focus, to prevent excess consumption of resources when running in the background.
  • Now possible to rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise.
  • Upgraded BabylonJS game engine to v4.2.0.
  • Added funding and citation information to the file and in-app help system.

The latest version, online: