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Air Pollution Monitoring system
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Air Quality Monitoring

Pengy is the system for monitoring of the air quality parameters.

The system concept and how it is build are described in the personal blog


The sensors on the nodes (SDS012 and DHT22) are measuring the relevant air parameters (t, RH, PM10 and PM2.2), data is acquiried with LoRa32u4II device and sent using LoRaWAN via The Things Network platform. Integration to Thingy as well to Luftdaten platofrm is used later for the visualization of the results.


  • In the folder firmware, you can find the latest firmaware for a Pengy node
  • Integration with The Things Network is in folder ttn
  • Python script to push the data to Luftdaten platform is in folder luftdaten
  • Supporting pictures, drawings and diagrams you can find under media folder
  • Some additional documentation can be found under docs

Additional information

More information regarding LoRaWAN and The Things Network can be found on their sites LoRa Alliance and The Things Network.

More information about Citizen Science project Luftdaten can be found here:


Due to the DIY nature of this system, the resulting measurements cannot be considered as more precise or accurate than the official measurement performed.


Copyright (c) 2019 Dušan Stojković

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