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Utility to automate voting on, written in python, using requests.

Install & run: Install requests pip install requests, then run python ./ to display help.

Troubleshooting: If you encounter error suggesting that remote API version may have changed:

  1. Open browser & fire up the developer console
  2. Go to event and vote some question up
  3. Inspect XHR requests in the console and check what version of /api/vX.Y/events/XXX is being referenced.

Instead of vX.Y you should see a number like v0.5 or v0.6 - that is the API version that is currently used by slido. Update it in, in the apiVersion variable. If that happens and you feel like it, you can then submit a pull request to this repository and I will merge your changes to make it work again.

If you mention this utility anywhere, feel free to let me know in this repository's issues and I will put a link to your mention bellow.

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