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Dusk is a privacy-oriented blockchain protocol, created for the regulated and decentralized finance and zero-knowledge apps

Welcome to Dusk!

Dusk Network

Dusk is the global financial network for institutions and users with the privacy of FinTech, the instant settlement and clearance of DLTs, and the extensibility of DeFi.

Main repositories

  • dusk-blockchain: reference implementation of the Dusk node
    dusk-network/dusk-blockchain last commit dusk-network/dusk-blockchain issues dusk-network/dusk-blockchain pull requests

  • rusk: Dusk's smart contract platform
    dusk-network/rusk last commit dusk-network/rusk issues dusk-network/rusk pull requests

  • piecrust: WASM virtual machine for running Dusk's smart contracts.
    dusk-network/piecrust last commit dusk-network/piecrust issues dusk-network/piecrust pull requests

  • wallet-cli: Dusk wallet CLI and library
    dusk-network/wallet-cli last commit dusk-network/wallet-cli issues dusk-network/wallet-cli pull requests

  • itn-installer: installer to run a Dusk node for our ITN program
    dusk-network/itn-installer last commit dusk-network/itn-installer issues dusk-network/itn-installer pull requests


  • plonk: Rust implementation of the PLONK ZKProof System, done by the Dusk team
    dusk-network/plonk last commit dusk-network/plonk issues dusk-network/plonk pull requests

  • kadcast: Rust implementation of the Kadcast P2P protocol, done by the Dusk team
    dusk-network/kadcast last commit dusk-network/kadcast issues dusk-network/kadcast pull requests


If you wish to contribute to the Dusk please have a look to our guidelines.


  • Dusk Wiki: the guide for the Dusk team members
  • Dusk Index: guide to Dusk documentation and repositories

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  1. rusk Public

    Dusk's Smart Contract Platform

    Rust 89 26

  2. plonk Public

    Pure Rust implementation of the PLONK ZKProof System done by the Dusk-Network team.

    Rust 415 95

  3. Reference implementation of the DUSK Network node, written in Golang

    Go 97 40

  4. rusk-vm Public

    The Dusk Rust WASM VM implementation

    Rust 50 13

  5. Zerocaf: A library built for EC operations in Zero Knowledge.

    Rust 48 11


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