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Dusk Network Node

Official reference implementation of the DUSK Network protocol in Golang.

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Specification Requirements

Minimum Specifications

CPU RAM Storage Network Connection
2 cores; 2 GHz 1 GB 60 GB 1 Mbps

Recommended Specifications

CPU RAM Storage Network Connection
4 cores; 2 GHz 4 GB 250 GB 10 Mbps

Installation Guide

This guide is for building the node from source. If you would like to just download the compiled program, head over to the releases page, which should include a pre-built DUSK node, and a pre-built wallet executable.

NOTE: This guide assumes you are building and running from a UNIX-like operating system. The node is not tested on Windows.


Go 1.17 or newer.


First, download the codebase and it's dependencies into your $GOPATH by running:

go get

Then, navigate to the testnet folder, like so:

cd $GOPATH/src/

To build the binary, simply run:

make build

Finally, to start your node, type:

./bin/dusk --config=dusk.toml


The wallet is hosted in a separate folder, found here.

Building the wallet

The wallet is automatically built when running make build. You can then execute it by typing:


Running the wallet

Alternatively, to build and run the wallet in a single command, simply type:

make wallet

How to use the wallet

The wallet will show you a menu with available options, that you can navigate with the arrow keys and the enter key.

Note that the wallet is a seperate process from the node, and thus closing the wallet does not stop the node from running.


The Dusk Network blockchain client is licensed under the MIT License. See the license file for details.


Please see the contribution guidelines for details.