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A reference repository of Dusk. Please read the full description below.
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A reference repository of Dusk Network. For more information about the project, please refer to the whitepaper.

Dusk Network makes use of a decentralized and privacy-oriented digital currency that employs groundbreaking discoveries in the field of Byzantine consensus and pseudo-random function. Dusk radically departs from any other blockchain by employing an adaptive consensus mechanism, called Segregated Byzantine Agreement (or SBA⋆), which does not require the computational intensity of Proof-of-Work and is a fairer alternative to Proof-of-Stake. Built on such consensus algorithm, Dusk is poised to be the first to simultaneously achieve previously conflicting goals of guaranteeing transaction untraceability and unlinkability, safeguarding user privacy, reaching transactional "finality" after a bound number of rounds within a single block election and achieving virtually unbounded user scalability without any significant performance degradation.



This repository has been created to host the reference documentation and released code modules. Golang is the language of choice for the reference implementation of Dusk Network. Due to our strict security requirements, the implementation is developed in private repositories and will be made public on module-by-module basis after passing a security audit.

Development Timeline

Release Estimated Release Date
Devnet Late Q4 2018
Testnet Late Q1 2019
Mainnet Q2 2019
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