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Automatically have all of your Makefile targets available as build variants.
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Make Targets

Make Targets was created to allow Sublime Text to run more than the 'Make' and 'Make Clean' Make targets. It does this by scanning a projects Makefile and figuring out the various targets, making them available as variants of the 'MakeTargets' build system.


Git Clone

First, find out where the packages directory is by going to (Preferences->Browse Packages), use that location in the git clone command.

Package Control

Install from Package Control coming soon.


Select 'MakeTargets' as your build system and start a build like normal.

Using the 'Build With' command (ctrl+shift+b by default), you can change the Make target that will run on subsequient 'Build' (ctrl+b) commands; MakeTargets will remember the last target you ran!

The 'MakeTargets' command is also available from the Command Palette.

Available Commands

{'command': 'make_targets', 'args': see below}

Available Arguments

All arguments are optional and have reasonable defaults.

  • working_dir

    Where to build from.

    Defaults to the expansion of '${folder:${project_path:${file_path}}}'.

  • file_regex

    The regex the build system looks for errors.

    Defaults to '^(..[^:\n]*):([0-9]+):?([0-9]+)?:? (.*)'.

  • syntax

    The syntax to use for the output panel.

    Defaults to 'Packages/Makefile/Make Output.sublime-syntax'.

  • make_target

    The target to make, can be an empty string or None.

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