VIM plugin to sweeten running Rspec tests from within VIM.
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SweetVimRspec makes running Rspec specs in VIM sweeter. It has three modes, run a whole file, run just one focused test, or run the previously run test. The last option is particularly nice because it doesn't matter where you are in the project, you can still run the last spec without returning to the spec buffer.

The output is formatted for VIM folding and output to a Quickfix buffer, so you can easily navigate all the errors in your specs.

SweetVimRspec supports both Rspec 1 and Rspec 2.


SweetVimRspec has the following commands


Runs all specs in the current buffer.


Runs a focused spec at the current line (the line your cursor is on) in the current buffer.


Runs the last spec, no matter where your cursor currently resides.


These are the mappings that I use, I have not included them in the plugin so as not to overwrite mappings you already have.

  • map <D-r> :SweetVimRspecRunFile<CR> "(CMD-r) or (Apple-r)
  • map <D-R> :SweetVimRspecRunFocused<CR> "(SHIFT-CMD-r)
  • map <M-D-r> :SweetVimRspecRunPrevious<CR> "(OPT-CMD-r)

Simply copy these into your .vimrc to activate them.

Note: The <M-D-r> mapping requires :set macmeta


To navigate the Quickfix buffer output efficiently, you should be familiar with VIM folding. Take a look a :h usr_28 for more information.

Passing Specs

Passing Specs can optionally be output to the Quickfix list. Setting the SWEET_VIM_RSPEC_SHOW_PASSING to true will enable this behavior. You can do this in your shell:

export SWEET_VIM_RSPEC_SHOW_PASSING="true" # for bash & zsh

or in your .vimrc



  • An output window that shows rspec executing.


This is BETA software, it most likely has minor bugs. I've personally used it, but other platforms and installations will be different from mine and may cause problems. This software is only tested on MacVim 7.3 (57). If you find bugs, report them. Better yet, fix them and I'll include the fixes here.


The formatter is based on code I found here