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small server deployment tool for complex environments (when puppet and chef suck because you want to be in control and sprinkle just cannot do enough for you)
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dust - a ssh only server deployment tool

dust is a deployment tool, kinda like sprinkle. but cooler (at least for me). it's for those, who would like to maintain their servers with a tool like puppet or chef, but are scared by the thought of having configuration files, credentials and other stuff centrally on a server reachable via the internet.

although the tool is not as versatile and elite as puppet, it's still cool for most use cases, and easily extendable.


installation is quite simple. just

# gem install dust-deploy


let's start by creating a new directory skeleton

$ dust new mynetwork
  - spawning new dust directory skeleton into 'mynetwork.dust' [ ok ]

this will create a directory called mynetwork.dust, the nodes, templates and recipes subdirectories and will copy over example templates and node configurations. hop into your new dust directory and see what's going on:

$ cd mynetwork.dust

dust uses simple .yaml files for configuring your nodes. let's start by adding a simple host:

$ vi nodes/yourhost.yaml

and put in basic information:

# the hostname (fqdn, or set the domain parameter as well, ip also works)
# you don't need a password if you connect using ssh keys
password: supersecretphrase

# these are the default values, you have to put them in case you need something else.
# be aware: sudo usage is not yet supported, but ssh keys are!
port: 22
user: root

# because this alone won't tell dust what to do, let's for example install some useful packages
  packages: [ 'vim', 'git-core', 'rsync' ]

you can then save the file, and tell dust to get to work:

$ dust deploy

[ ]

 - checking if vim is installed [ ok ]
 - checking if git-core is installed [ failed ]
   - installing git-core [ ok ]
 - checking if rsync is installed [ ok ]

you should see dust connecting to the node, checking if the requested packages are installed, and if not, install them.

supported distributions

dust works with aptitude, yum, emerge, pacman (since 0.10.3) and opkg (since 0.12.0) systems at the moment (testet with recent versions of ubuntu, debian, gentoo, fedora, scientificlinux, centos and archlinux as well as openwrt). should work on rhel without any problem, too.


feel free to contribute to dust, so that your system is also supported. contribution is easy! just send me a github pull request. You can find the repository here:


for further documentation (this README only covers the very basics), head over to the github wiki:

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