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Latest commit 77922b8 @dustin Looping multibuild
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.gitignore Sorted my .gitignore
c2f Rewrote my f2c and c2f in plain shell
colorify Add line numbers to colorized code.
dot2pdf tag of
dot2png tag of
f2c Rewrote my f2c and c2f in plain shell
git-alternate git-alternate should display the current when no args are given.
git-baseless-commit Added git-baseless-commit.
git-clean-except Add git-clean-except to clean all ignored and untracked files while k…
git-commit-chart Added a new git chart generator showing commit counts.
git-contributors Moved contributor code to gitaggregates.
git-emptybranch Easy way to create an empty git branch.
git-htmlchangelog Use.git/description if it's not the default.
git-linecount Tool for counting lines in a tree.
git-lineowners Added move/copy detection to lineowners
git-masstimecard Slight cleanup of masstimecard
git-reroot Changed git reroot output to say history instead of tree.
git-test-bisect Added git-test-once and git-test-bisect so that it's possible to test…
git-test-once Don't fail if git-sh-setup is in a non-standard location
git-test-sequence Init force variable in git-test-sequence
git-timecard Separated aggregation from commandline tool.
git-trash Don't run commit hooks on trash commits.
git-tree-converge Don't need a .py extension here. Fix git-timecard to respect time zones.
go-manifest Don't print out an hg rev if we don't have one
go-set-versions The reverse of my go-manifest thing
gpgwho Added gpgwho
make-go-compilers Added more tools I use to normal install
multibuild Looping multibuild
spydate Less dumb way to do the multi-zone date thing.
unixtime Support milliseconds, nanoseconds, commas, etc... in unixtime
untilfails Sleep before reporting that you'll retry.
untilsuccessful Sleep before reporting that you'll retry.
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