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# WHY!?
# The purpose of this command is to allow me to create a snapshot of a
# tree without history. My primary use for such a thing is to
# distribute large generated documentation sets as gh-pages for
# github.
if [ -z "$msg" ]
echo "Usage: git baseless-commit my awesome commit message"
exit 1
thisbranch=`git symbolic-ref HEAD`
oldhead=`git rev-parse HEAD`
if [ $thisbranch != refs/heads/gh-pages ]
echo "You're currently on a branch called $thisbranch"
echo "If you're OK destroying that branch, hit enter, otherwise hit ^C"
read all_about_it
tree=`git write-tree`
commit=`echo "$msg" | git commit-tree $tree`
git symbolic-ref -m "git baseless-commit" HEAD $thisbranch
git reset --hard $commit
echo "If you messed up and destroyed something on accident, you can"
echo "still get your old head back: $oldhead"