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A framework for building erlang memcached servers.
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This is a toolkit for building memcached servers in erlang using the memcached binary protocol.

Quick Start

The basic idea is that there will be one server that understands commands and can issue responses. A sample implementation is provided that uses an in-memory hash table. You can try it out like this:

1> {ok, S} = mc_handler_hashtable:start_link().
2> mc_tcp_listener:start_link(11213, S).

Then connect to port 11213 with your favorite memcached binary protocol client.

Slow Start

So you want to write your own backend? No problem. Take a look at mc_handler_hashtable for an example backend implementing gen_server that handles a few commands.

Not all of the commands are defined yet, so there aren't hugely comprehensive examples, but hopefully there's enough there to get the idea.


MIT or something... I made this for you!

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