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My environmental monitoring stuff for the house.
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Current setup I have at home.

Getting mnesia running is a bit tricky.  I had to start a
node running on army an then run the script from purple.

A few times.

It eventually put everything in the right state, but I'm sure
it's fragile.  I doubt I even want disc copies.
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include New build structure for environ.
src Current setup I have at home.
Emakefile Erlang update.
startenviron Exec erl from the start file.


Welcome to Environ

This is an erlang program I wrote that, combined with my 1wire suite, provides near-realtime alerting of sensors going out of state (or just falling off the network) so I can know when I need to buy a new air conditioner for my machine room.

It also provides a simple TCP mirroring that will show you data as it comes in on the wire. For a good time, telnet to port 8181.

Don't ask me what lemp stands for. I forgot pretty much as soon as I wrote it.

This software is released under the MIT license. If you like it, great. If you don't like it, make it better.

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