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A Go library for doing header-based OAuth over HTTP or HTTPS.

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import (

func someFuncThatDoesStuffWithOAuth() (err os.Error) {
    o := new (oauth.OAuth)
    o.ConsumerKey = "key"
    o.ConsumerSecret = "secret"
    o.Callback = "callback"

    o.RequestTokenURL = ""
    o.OwnerAuthURL = ""
    o.AccessTokenURL = ""

    err = o.GetRequestToken()
    if err != nil { return }

    url, err := o.AuthorizationURL()
    if err != nil { return }

    // somehow send user to url...

    var verifier string
    // somehow get verifier (or "PIN")...

    err = o.GetAccessToken(verifier)
    if err != nil { return }

    err = o.Save(os.Getenv("HOME") + "/.simple_example.oauth")

    response, err := o.Post(
        map[string]string{"status": "Just did a little OAuth dance!"})
    if err != nil { return }

    // do stuff with response...

    return nil


This is still a bit of a work in progress. The interface is subject to change (and become prettier), but I think it's mostly done.

It is probably obvious that it's rough around the edges in spots. Please let me know if anything's broken.

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