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This is yet another memcached testing tool. I wrote it because I had a specific need for a specific traffic pattern and I hadn't written any code in go lately.

What it Does


Basically, it just opens up a bunch of connections to memcached (based on the concurrency flag) and starts doing whatever the controller sticks on its channel.

My current test takes a fixed set of keys and does the following in a loop:

  1. Shuffle list of keys and add all values.
  2. Shuffle list of keys and get all values.
  3. Shuffle list of keys and delete all values.

Every five seconds, the overall rates and number of each type of command is reported to stdout.


% ./gohammer -h
flag provided but not defined: -h
Usage of ./gohammer:
  -prot="tcp": Layer 3 protocol (tcp, tcp4, tcp6)
  -dest="localhost:11211": Host:port to connect to
  -keys=1000000: Number of keys
  -bodylen=20: Number of bytes of value
  -concurrency=32: Number of concurrent clients

...that's about it