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My 1wire protocol stack and related tools
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	This is a very fast and simple explanation of using these tools for the
	Dallas Semi 1921 iButton.  These instructions may help you run other
	such ibutton devices.


	./configure <your parameters or `-help' for options listing>
	make install


	The fisrt thing you will want to do is search your serial port for all
	of the devices on the serial bus.  First start by setting your
	MLAN_DEVICE environment variable so that the serial port is known:

		setenv MLAN_DEVICE /dev/tty00

		export MLAN_DEVICE

		Note: For Linux OSes, your first serial port may be /dev/ttyS0
		Note: If you receive permission denied errors, please see your
			system administrator for appropriate permissions assignment
			for your user.

	This should result in output similar to:

		$ ./search
		Serial[0]:  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -- DS1921 Thermochron
		Serial[1]:  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -- DS9097u 1-wire to RS232 converter

		Note: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" will be replaced by your serial numbers

	With these serial numbers and your serial port, you are all ready to
	go.  First you must set up your ibutton to have a mission.  A mission
	is simply telling the ibutton what to



		Takes no required parameters but does require that the MLAN_DEVICE
		environment variable points to the serial device
		(default: /dev/tty00) which has the ibutton bus.

			check for missions on each of the devices on the bus


		Sets the mission (sampling rate) for the device.  This takes one
		required parameter as the <serial number> for the device to

		<serial number>
			The serial number of the device to set a mission for

			Rollover.  When the ibutton reaches it's memory maximum, start
			writing over the oldest entry.  Round-robin fashion.

		-s <sample rate>
			The rate of sampling.  This is in minutes.

		-d <mission delay>
			The number of minutes to delay before taking samples.
				The number of minutes to delay before taking samples.

		-l <low alert>

		-h <high alert>


		Polls all devices on the bus for changes and logs them to a log
		file.  Optionally, the changes can also be published to a multicast

		-b <busdev>
			Serial device containing the bus to poll (i.e. /dev/tty00)

		-l <logfile>
			File to write log entries.  These are general logs.

		-c <logdir>
			Directory to write individual snapshots.  These will be named the
			serial number of the ibutton device and will be located in this


		Dumps all setting for the mission as well as the current statistics
		and data stored on the device.

		<serial number>
			The serial number of the device to retrieve all the settings

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