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LaBrea lets you inject lua scripts into other people's programs.

"Why would I want to do that?" you say? There are several things you can do:

  1. Cause some functions to respond more slowly sometimes.
  2. Cause some functions to fail under specific conditions.
  3. Cause some functions to behave in valid, but unexpected ways.
  4. Cause some functions to just behave badly.

The name came from the La Brea tar pits because the first thing I needed done was to slow down some parts of an application without spending a bunch of engineering effort to modify that application to slow down in very specific ways. Since then, we've thought lot of lots more interesting things to do.

Learn Stuff

My presentation should help introduce the concepts to you quickly (5 minutes).

Learn more about what you can do in your scripts by reading the labrea API.

Learn more about where you can place your scripts by reading about the hook points.

Look through the cookbook to find yummy recipes you can get started with immediately.



There are rpms available for RH5.5 both 64-bt and 32-bit from the project page.


If you have xcode installed, just do a

./configure && make && make install

to have labrea in /usr/local/bin/labrea

See Also:

Presenting La Brea where I talk and move around slides, hopefully making it easy to understand the big picture.

My Blog Post (which seemed to confuse some people, but you can see where it started)