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* fixed a bug in the hash where the first entry was never used in an
Version 0.7.3 (20060309)
* fixed a bug with long log lines getting truncated
* fixed a bug with xmpp_stanza_to_text truncating some lines by one char
* fixed win32 bug where long stanzas didn't work
Version 0.7.2 (20060118)
* fixed a bug in error names/includes
* fixed a bug with sending data when the pipe is full
* fixed a bug with setting error states on connection timeouts
* fixed a bug where session initiation wasn't happening
Version 0.7.1 (20050702)
* fix a bug in the fallback to jabber auth
that prevented login to jabberd 1.4 servers
* Simplify access to the default loggers, and
merge the basic_logging and basic examples
* draft C++ api
Version 0.7 (20050615)
* first public release
* basic connection support
* event handling through callbacks
* stanza creation through local mini-DOM
* support SASL DIGEST-MD5 authentication
* support SASL PLAIN authentication
* support fallback to jabber:auth
* support resource binding
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