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/* strophepp.h
** strophe XMPP client library C++ API
** Copyright (C) 2005-2009 Collecta, Inc.
** This software is provided AS-IS with no warranty, either express or
** implied.
** This software is distributed under license and may not be copied,
** modified or distributed except as expressly authorized under the
** terms of the license contained in the file LICENSE.txt in this
** distribution.
/** @file
* Strophe public C++ API definitions.
#include "strophe.h"
namespace XMPP {
class Context {
xmpp_mem_t m_mem;
xmpp_log_t m_log;
xmpp_ctx_t *m_ctx;
virtual ~Context();
virtual void *alloc(const size_t size);
virtual void *realloc(void *p, const size_t size);
virtual void free(void *p);
virtual void log(const xmpp_log_level_t level,
const char * const area,
const char * const msg);
xmpp_ctx_t *getContext();
static void *callAlloc(const size_t size, void * const userdata);
static void *callRealloc(void *p, const size_t size,
void * const userdata);
static void callFree(void *p, void * const userdata);
static void callLog(void * const userdata,
const xmpp_log_level_t level,
const char * const area,
const char * const msg);
class Stanza {
Context *m_ctx;
xmpp_stanza_t *m_stanza;
void *operator new(size_t size, Context *ctx);
void operator delete(void *p);
Stanza(Context *ctx);
virtual ~Stanza();
static Stanza *create(Context *ctx);
void release();
Stanza *clone();
Stanza *copy();
int toText(const char ** const buf, size_t * const buflen);
Stanza *getChildren();
Stanza *getChildByName(const char * const name);
Stanza *getNext();
char *getAttribute(const char * const name);
char *getNamespace();
char *getText();
char *getName();
void addChild(Stanza *child);
void setNamespace(const char * const ns);
void setAttribute(const char * const key, const char * const value);
void setName(const char * const name);
void setText(const char * const text);
void setText(const char * const text, const size_t size);
char *getType();
char *getId();
char *getTo();
char *getFrom();
void setType(const char * const type);
void setId(const char * const id);
void setTo(const char * const to);
void setFrom(const char * const from);
class Connection {
Context *m_ctx;
xmpp_conn_t *conn;
void *operator new(size_t size, Context *ctx);
Connection(Context *ctx);
static Connection *create(Context *ctx);
virtual ~Connection();
Connection *clone();
void operator delete(void *p);
const char *getJID();
void setJID(const char * const jid);
const char *getPass();
void setPass(const char * const pass);
bool connectClient(const char * const domain,
xmpp_conn_handler callback,
void * const userdata);
void disconnect();
void send(Stanza *stanza);
void addTimedHandler(xmpp_timed_handler handler,
const unsigned long perdio,
void * const userdata);
void deleteTimedHandler(xmpp_timed_handler handler);
void addHandler(xmpp_handler handler,
const char * const ns,
const char * const name,
const char * const type,
void * const userdata);
void deleteHandler(xmpp_handler handler);
void addIdHandler(xmpp_handler handler,
const char * const id,
void * const userdata);
void deleteIdHandler(xmpp_handler handler);