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What's Up?

What's up watches web sites for you and lets you know when they are unavailable.


IM help to to see what you can do.

When Checks Are Performed

Any monitors you set up will run about once every fifteen minutes, but only while you're active on XMPP.

You are considered inactive if any of the following are true:

  • You are not logged in to your XMPP server.
  • You are logged in, but your status is do not disturb.
  • You have specifically told whatsup not to bother you (via the off command)

Running Your Own Instance

It's easy to run your own instance. You'll need a recent version of twisted (specifically names, web, and words), and an item from the cheese shop:

  • SQLAlchemy

You can install the SQLAlchemy using easy_install:

easy_install SQLAlchemy