An Arduino Library that allows one client Arduino to be used as an I/O extender for a manager Arduino
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An Arduino Library that allows one client Arduino to be used as an I/O extender for a manager Arduino.

More info:


  • Two way i2c
  • remote set digital pin modes
  • remote set digital outputs
  • remote set PWM outputs
  • remote read digital and analog pins


  • Two arduino UNO's or compatible.
  • EasyTransferI2C library
  • Wire library


  • Copy .H and .CPP to into .../Ardunio/Libraries/ExtraCore directory
  • Connect pin A4 on both Arduinos together
  • Connect pin A5 on both Arduinos together
  • Connect GND on both Arduinos together
  • load the manager sketch from examples on the primary
  • load the client sketch from examples on the secondary

Optional setup for the test sketch

Make sure Pin 13 has an LED/resistor on each board. Hook an LED/resistor to pin 6 for PWM output on the client.


ExtraCore(); Constructor

Manager Methods

void beginManager(); Start sending and receiving data as the manager.

void setPinIOstate(pin, boolean); Set the desired INPUT/OUTPUT state of a pin.

void setDigitalOutput(pin, boolean); Set the desired HIGH, LOW output state of a pin.

void setAnalogOutput(pin, pwm); Set the desired PWM (0-255) state of a pin. Ignored if not PWM cabable.

void setTriStateValue(int, boolean); Set the pullup resistor to TRUE/FALSE. True will automatically set the pin to INPUT.

boolean getDigitalReading(pin); Get the last known digital reading from the remote.

int getAnalogReading(pin); Get the last known analog reading from the remote.

void sendConfig(); Send the current desired state of all the pins to the remote. This is required to for changes to take effect.

Client methods:

void beginClient(); begin sending and recieving as client.

boolean getPinIOstate(pin); Get the desired IO state for a pin.

boolean getOutputValue(pin); Get the desired digital output value for a pin.

boolean getTriStateValue(pin); get the desired pullup resistor value for a pin.

int getAnalogValue(pin); Get the desired PWM output for a PWM pin.

void setDigitalReading(pin, value); Set the digital reading from the remote for a pin.

void setAnalogReading(pin, value); Set the Analog reading for pin.

void sendData(); Send the currently known pin readings to the manager. This is required for updates to take effect.

boolean isDataNew(); Returns true if new data has arrived since the last time it was checked.