A simple Discord music bot written in Go
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Speakerbot is a multiserver music bot for Discord written in Go. Supports Youtube links and querying Youtube, as well as on the fly converting resulting in instant playback (no wait times between songs!).


  • !play - Queues/Plays Youtube link, or searches Youtube and picks the first result
  • !skip - Skips current track
  • !stop - Stops playing and clears queue
  • !help - Sends a message in text channel with the above commands


Speakerbot requires both ffmpeg and opus-tools to be installed locally and available in PATH. Currently tested with Go 1.6 on OSX.

go get github.com/dustinblackman/speakerbot

A configuration file is available to plugin your Discord email and password, as well as a Google API key that can search Youtube. You can either rename the config.example.json to config.json, or copy/paste the following.

  "email": "",
  "password": "",
  "googleKey": ""

Lastly, start Speakerbot



An automated docker build is available here. You can boot it up with docker-compose like so as an example.

  image: dustinblackman/speakerbot


If you wish to contribute and add features to Speakerbot, feel free! This app was just a practice app to begin learning Go, so there won't be very much (or any at all) future development from myself. For a more full and feature packed bot, check out Gravebot.

Make sure to run make test before submitting a PR.